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Admissions Policies

Admission Policies


This document sets out the principles and policies which govern the admission of international students to all UICC programs.

An international applicant is one who does not hold citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada, or one who has provided a completed and signed a Non-Resident Declaration Form. The language of instruction at UICC is English. International students must demonstrate a suitable level of English proficiency before being admitted to a program.

Admission Criteria


The minimum age requirement at UICC is 17 years old.


In order to study at UICC, students must demonstrate that they have the appropriate qualifications. A guide to appropriate country-specific equivalents can be found here: UICC Admissions Requirements.

UICC accepts students who have met academic requirements. Students with prior postsecondary studies can be accepted into UICC should they meet our defined criteria. Please see our Admissions webpage for more information.

Meeting minimum admissions requirements as listed does not guarantee admission. This information is a guide only and is subject to change without notice.

English Language

English is the language of instruction at UICC. International students must demonstrate a suitable level of English language proficiency before being admitted to any UICC program, through provision of evidence of achieving the required scores. Entry levels and acceptable forms of evidence of English proficiency can be found on the UICC website at UICC English Requirements.

Verification of Qualifications

All applications are required to be accompanied by true and certified copies of documents verifying academic qualifications and results. All documents are verified online where the service is available. All international qualifications are checked against the UK National Information Centre (UK ENIC/ECCTIS) for the recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills. UK ENIC/ECCTIS is a globally recognized provider of solutions and services in international education, supplying official source of comparison information and advice on international education, training systems, and overseas skills qualifications. Additional information may be obtained from the websites of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, and AACRAO, and other web sources.

Offers of Admission

Offers of admission articulate the program, campus, duration, fees, and enrolment terms and conditions.


A student may apply for a deferral if the conditions on the latest Letter of Offer have not been met or if the student visa has not been granted. Students wishing to defer must complete a Deferral Request Form (with deferral reason) and email it to UICC Admissions for assessment.

In most cases, deferrals will be granted upon submission of the completed form. If the deferral reason is unclear, Admissions may ask for further supporting documents for clarification. Students can apply for a second deferral if they do not meet the English Language requirements or have pending visa decisions. UICC allows students to defer a semester twice; however, if the student needs to defer an additional semester(s), they will need to reapply to UICC Admissions.

Genuine Student Criteria

  • A genuine student is an international applicant who demonstrates a sincere commitment to complete an academic qualification from the University of Lethbridge International College Calgary (UICC) and the University of Lethbridge. The applicant must possess appropriate educational and language qualifications, as stipulated on our website to have a reasonable chance of receiving a conditional or unconditional Letter of Offer from UICC.
  • Assessment of a Genuine Student criteria considers a student’s visa history, including, but not limited to:
    • Previous Visa applications
    • Adherence to previous student visa conditions
    • Any instances of prior student visa breaches
  • UICC will assess various factors and circumstances to ascertain the genuineness of an applicant beyond their academic and English language capabilities. These may include but are not limited to:
    • Applicant’s Statement of Purpose (if applicable)
    • Relevance of student’s intended course to the applicant’s previous education background
    • Gap between academic activities of the applicant
    • Relevance of the course to the applicant’s past or proposed future employment or education endeavors
    • Any prior post-secondary education undertaken.
  • UICC is responsible for the final selection of all applicants and reserves the discretion to admit only those applicants who, having fulfilled the minimum entry criteria, are best suited for success at the college.

Readmission Policy and Procedures

Required to Withdraw (RTW) Students from University of Lethbridge

Students who transferred successfully to ULethbridge but were Required to Withdraw may be granted readmission to UICC under the following circumstances:

  • ULethbridge transcript indicating the student is Required to Withdraw (RTW) is provided
  • Completed online UICC application is submitted
  • Complete photocopy of all passport pages is provided
  • Copy of current study permit is provided

Please note: Completion of the UICC UTP Stage II program does not guarantee readmittance to the University of Lethbridge.

Former UICC Students

Former UICC Students (non-University of Lethbridge RTW students) may be granted readmission under the following circumstances:

  • Student provides a Statement of Purpose that answers the questions:
    • why the student wants to re-apply to UICC
    • what has changed for the student in their time away from UICC
    • why the student believes they will have a more successful outcome than previously
    • what is the student’s plan for success if they are approved for readmittance

Additionally, the following documents must be provided:

  • Completed online UICC application
  • Complete photocopy of all passport pages
  • Copy of current study permit
  • Proof of English level result provided must be within 2 years
    • If this is not provided, the student will be required to take the Pearson Versant Test (PVT)

Poor Academic History at UICC:

Readmission students with poor academic history (below UICC CGPA 2.0) at UICC may be subject to additional conditions of enrolment upon return. Students must accept any conditions prior to enrolment. Additional conditions of readmission are most typically:

  • Student has clear study plan
  • Student meets with the Student Success Team to map out a study plan
  • Student is enrolled full-time (minimum 3 courses per semester)
  • Student must have 80% minimum attendance or will be withdrawn
  • Readmission is subject to Academic Probation (AP3) conditions
  • Student must achieve a GPA of 2.0 or higher in subsequent semesters

UICC program admission decisions do not constitute a guarantee of University of Lethbridge admission. University of Lethbridge decisions are made by the University of Lethbridge, based on all available applicant information. Failure to disclose or provide all transcripts is academic fraud and may result in cancellation of studies.

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