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Travelling to Canada

A student stands in downtown location with a Canada flag swaying in the background attached to a building

We’re eager to welcome you to Canada as you begin your academic journey at UICC!

Students should plan to arrive at Calgary International Airport (YYC).

If you have any questions, or if you are experiencing delays or difficulties in transit or upon arrival due to immigration issues, please contact the college team.  A member of our team will call to speak with you. Make sure to provide them with your name, student number and a phone number where we can reach you.

There’s lots to note as you begin a transition to living and studying in a new country. Check out this list of important items you should bring with you on your journey to Canada.

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Important Documents

You should make two photocopies of the following documents, one copy to leave with your family at home and one in your suitcase. Please keep all originals in your carry-on luggage.

  • Valid passport
  • Letter of Introduction confirming the approval of your Study Permit from a Canadian Embassy or Consulate
  • Temporary Resident Visa (if required)
  • UICC Letter of Offer
  • UICC Letter of Acceptance
  • UICC Deposit Receipt
  • Proof of funds available
  • Medical records and immunization records, translated if applicable (useful but not required)
  • Medical insurance documents (if you have additional medical insurance from your home country)
  • Medical records and immunization records

Important Items and Money

  • Credit card and approximately $200 CDN in cash on-hand
  • International prepaid phone card
  • Medical records and immunization records
  • Contact numbers and addresses (both local and abroad)
  • Adaptors (electrical systems in Canada are 110 volts)
  • Pictures of family and friends
  • Clothing and toiletries


The four distinct seasons require a variety of clothing, including warm clothing and boots for the winter, where temperatures can average around -5°C, and cool light clothing for the summer where temperatures average between 24°C to 26°C. The dress code on campus is generally informal, and most students wear casual clothing to classes. However, students are advised to have clothing appropriate for professional and special social functions that may arise

Household Items

Some students may rent private suites or a room in a shared suite or house. The majority of private rentals are unfurnished. When looking for accommodation, check what is included before you sign the rental agreement forms.

How to get to campus from the Calgary airport?

Public Transportation

Calgary Transit provides bus service from the airport to various parts of the city. There is no LRT (light rail transit) service at this time.

Bus stops are in two locations – one at the Domestic Terminal and one at the International Terminal.

To board the bus at the Domestic Terminal: exit Door 7 on the Arrivals Level. Cross the roadway at Door 2 and walk towards Pillar 7. Ticket vending machines that accept debit, credit card or cash are located here.

To board the bus from the International Terminal: exit Door 15 on the Arrivals Level. Cross the roadway and stand at Pillar 32. Ticket vending machines that accept debit, credit card or cash are located here.

Alternatively, bus tickets can also be purchased at the 7-Eleven stores on Arrivals near Door 10.

Please visit for more information and Calgary Transit for information on fares and passes.


Taxi service is available at YYC with taxi stands located on the Arrivals Level. A taxi stand is located outside of Doors 1, 9 and 15.

Taxi pick-up:

Arrivals Doors 1, 9 and 15

Fares and General Information

The taxi and limousine industry is regulated through the City of Calgary’s Livery Transport Services (LTS). LTS is mandated to ensure public safety, consumer protection and service quality.

LTS is responsible for licensing taxi and limousine drivers, businesses, inspection sites and mechanics. In addition, compliance/enforcement personnel (peace officers) liaise with the industry stakeholders to ensure compliance with the Livery Transport Bylaw and several provincial statutes relative to the taxi limousine industry.

Should you have compliments or complaints regarding taxi or limousine service you may call the City of Calgary Customer Service line at 311, or email

Fares are based on meter rates. Under normal driving conditions, the approximate fare to downtown Calgary is between $40 and $45.

Airport taxis can accommodate four or five adult passengers. Vans are available to assist customers with excess luggage.

Associated Cab:

Wheelchair accessible
Tel: 403 299 1111

Checker Cabs:
Wheelchair accessible
Tel: 403 299 9999


Our ride-share partners offer affordable transportation by connecting passengers with drivers for pre-arranged drives exclusively through a website or mobile app. To request a ride-share service, use the providers’ mobile app/website.

Ride-Share Pick-ups

After you have arranged for your ride, meet your ride-share driver on Arrivals Level curbside in the designated pickup locations by Doors 3, 12 or 15

All TNC vehicles are required to have a TNC seal clearly visible located on the back window on the bottom left hand side.


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