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Student Services

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At UICC, we are committed to ensuring the success and well-being of all our student community. We recognize that studying in a new country can be challenging, and we are here to provide the support and resources that students need to thrive academically, socially, and personally. In this section, we will provide an overview of the various student services and support available to help international students succeed. Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive community where all students can achieve their full potential.

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Academic Support Sessions

Drop-in academic support sessions are 50-minutes and facilitated by our very own instructors in person on selected topics to support you in your classes! Drop-in support for academic classes typically offers optional additional assistance in a variety of areas. Tutorials in economics and critical thinking are designed to complement academic courses, while academic writing, grammar support, and study skills will help guide students in adapting to the rigour of university life.

Academic support sessions offer additional instruction and guidance from instructors or tutors who are experienced in these subjects. The sessions focus support students by offering strategies to improve their understanding of course materials, such as breaking down complex concepts, providing real-world examples, and developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Instructors might also provide additional resources, such as practice problems and review sessions to help students prepare for exams and assignments.

In addition to course specific academic support sessions, certain sessions also focus on helping international students develop study skills and time management strategies that can help them succeed in challenging courses and in college and university life. Overall, the goal of these academic support sessions would be to provide additional guidance to help international students overcome the unique challenges they may face when studying in a new academic environment.

Academic Support Sessions are scheduled at the beginning of each new term to be customized based on the courses that are being offered at UICC. Schedules of the most up to data offerings of Academic Support Sessions can be found on the UICC Student Portal or by dropping by the 6th Floor Front Desk and speaking with a Student Success Advisor.  All academic support sessions will be offered on campus in a classroom at UICC.

Instructor Office Hours

Instructor office hours are typically held once a week during the semester and are a great opportunity for students to receive one-on-one support from their course instructor. The specific times and locations for office hours may vary depending on the instructor and course, but they can always be found on your instructor’s course syllabus and are typically held in the instructor’s office, a designated meeting room, or their classroom on campus.

This is a space where you can receive personalized support and guidance from your course instructor. You can ask questions, seek clarification on course material, and receive feedback on your assignments. Your instructor is available to offer guidance and additional resources to help you succeed in the course. Attending office hours is a great way to deepen your understanding of course concepts and engage in discussions with your instructor, which can lead to better academic performance and a more fulfilling learning experience. Don’t hesitate to drop in and take advantage of this opportunity to receive one-on-one support and build a stronger connection with your instructor.

Peer Support

Peer-to-peer support is a critical component of holistic support for international students. It provides opportunities for students to connect with others who are facing similar experiences and to learn from one another.

Peer-to-peer support, through academic and extracurricular activities, will allow UICC students use their individual experiences to find their sense of belonging on campus. From academic study groups to the weekly “Together Tuesdays” social activity, students will have opportunities to connect regularly with their peers, strengthen their networks, discover more about UICC and Lethbridge, and build community connections.

Students will be able to find more information about upcoming available in person peer programs on the UICC Student Portal or by dropping by the 6th Floor Front Desk and speaking with a Student Success Advisor.

Get Involved and Volunteer

Becoming an involved and engaged member of the UICC community is a fantastic way to both receive support and support your fellow students. If you are interested in volunteering with UICC or within the larger community of Calgary, please meet with an UICC staff member to learn about upcoming opportunities!

Opportunities for students to get involved at UICC may include mentorship programs, student-led clubs and leadership groups, peer tutoring and academic support, and other social events and activities. These programs can provide opportunities for you to connect with other students who share similar interests and experiences, as well as build leadership, communication, and organizational skills.
Students who are interested in seeking volunteer opportunities outside of the UICC community can also use community volunteer websites such as Volunteer Connector or Volunteer Calgary to search for organizations.

Students will be able to find more information about upcoming available volunteer opportunities on the UICC Student Portal or by dropping by the 6th Floor Front Desk and speaking with a Student Success Advisor. There are opportunities in person at the UICC campus or throughout Calgary.

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