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Application for Appeal of Final Results Policy

UICC Student Services

The Appeal of Final Results is divided into the Informal Appeal and the Formal Appeal. Students are entitled to seek clarification about their final grades.

In all grade appeals it is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate that the final grade they have received in a course should be reviewed.

Informal Appeal of Final Results

1. Within 14 days of the issue of final results, the student shall confer with the instructor, informing the instructor of questions concerning the grade, in order to understand the methodology the instructor has used in determining the grade. The aim is to reach mutual understanding about the grade, the process by which it was assigned, and to correct errors, if any, to the grade. If the instructor cannot be contacted, the Associate Director shall designate an appropriate nominee to act on behalf of the instructor.

2. If an error has been made, the instructor will communicate directly with the Associate Director to make the necessary corrections.

3. If after consulting with the instructor it is determined the grade will remain unchanged, and the student believes that a grade remains questionable, the student shall confer with the Student Success team, who shall consult and advise both the instructor and student in an effort to reach an understanding and resolution of the matter.

Formal Appeal of Final Results

If Step 1 or 2 do not resolve the issue, the student may request a formal review if they meet on of more of the following grounds:

Procedural Error: There is reason to believe that the grade is due to administrative error/miscalculation

Course Management: The weighting of an assessment task has been changed or the assessment procedures do not match what was originally stated in the course outline

1. This application for formal review must be submitted through the Associate Director before the end of Week 2 of the new semester. The application must include communications from the Informal Appeal: Steps 1 and 2 as well as a person statement or appeal letter explaining the situation.

2. The Associate Director will arrange for the final examination paper and all component marks to be reviewed and collated by the Course Coordinator (or designate). Final papers will be remarked where appropriate. Following the review and/or remarking, the coordinator or designate will confer with the Associate Director. The student’s final grade will either remain the same or be adjusted upwards or downwards, accordingly. There is a $50 charge for this process, which can be refunded if a significant change to the assessment is to be made.

3. This grade is now final with no other avenues for appeal open to the student. Notification of the appealed result will be in writing through the student’s online portal and their current email address.

Students are invited to seek the advice of the Student Success Advisor for more information regarding the appeal process or for assistance in completing this form.

Please Note: Appeals of Final Results, both informal or formal, may cause delays in transfer to University of Lethbridge.

Download and fill out the PDF application form below:

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