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Student Privacy Policy

At ULethbridge International College Calgary (referred to as “UICC”, “we”, “us” or “our”), we respect and are committed to protecting your privacy, and we support a general policy of openness about how we collect, use and disclose your personal information.

This Privacy Policy informs you how UICC collects, uses and discloses the personal information that you provide to us through use of our website, telephone services, application forms and departmental office forms. Unless you expressly indicate otherwise, by submitting an application to UICC, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy also explains how you can contact us if you have a question about our privacy practices, want to change or update your personal information or change your preferences concerning our use and disclosure of your personal information.

From time to time, this Privacy Policy may change. We will include a “last amended” date and we strongly encourage you to refer back to the Privacy Policy periodically.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, “personal information” means information about you, but does not include your name, and if you are a business person, your position name or title, business address, telephone number, email or fax. UICC will not collect, use or disclose your personal information in a way that is incompatible with the applicable legislation and this Privacy Policy.

1. How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information

When you enroll with UICC, we ask for the information contained in the application form, including contact information. In addition, we collect personal information from you by way of our website, telephone services, departmental office forms, and we create personal information about you in the course of providing educational services to you (for example, your grades, attendance records etc.).

When you visit the UICC website, cookies are placed within the memory of your internet device.  A cookie is a small piece of information that a website can store via your web browser for later retrieval. We use sessional cookies to assist in the log in to your account. We use permanent cookies to help us track use of our website, such as the number and frequency of visits to our pages and which parts of our website are visited.

Most browsers will allow you to disable cookies, or allow only sessional cookies to be placed. If your browser is set to allow sessional cookies only, your use of the website will be unaffected. If your browser is set to disable sessional cookies, you will not be able to log in to the website.

2. How we Use your Personal Information

Communication about Administrative Matters

UICC’s collection and retention of student information is for the purposes of (a) administration, which includes processing your application, admission, registration, and graduation particulars; (b) communications with you, which includes contacting you regarding your admission, registration, programs, courses, class and activity details, and other matters necessary to keep you reasonably informed about UICC, your program, courses and UICC activities.

Disclosure to Enrolment Agents

If you have applied to UICC through an approved UICC and/or University of ULethbridge agent, correspondence relating to your application, which includes personal information, will be provided to you through that agent.

Email for Marketing Purposes

You may receive email communications from UICC that inform you about new lesson packages or news about our site, UICC. You may opt-out of receiving such email communications by following the instructions set out in such email or contacting the UICC contact identified in section 9 below. If you do not opt-out, we will use your personal information for these purposes.

Research Purposes

UICC collects aggregate information concerning usage of its website through automatically logged information (for example, statistics that identify our most popular pages). UICC does not use any personal information while generating this information, nor does it relate any of this information to an individual member or user.

3. When We Disclose Your Personal Information

No Sale or License

UICC will not sell or license your personal information. UICC will not disclose your personal information except as described below.

Disclosure to other Educational Institutions

Upon written request from you or from another educational institution (e.g. University of ULethbridge), UICC will disclose to such other educational institution the personal information requested for the purpose of your enrolment at such other educational institution. This includes information contained in your application to study at UICC, your academic results and attendance information. Without limiting the foregoing, upon request by you or by University of ULethbridge, we will provide the personal information requested in order to process your application for student housing at University of ULethbridge.

Sharing with Business Partners and Navitas Limited

UICC may share certain information about you, including your contact and financial information, with our business partners and Navitas Limited where it is necessary or appropriate to process payments to UICC, administer the UICC website or deliver services to you.

Disclosure to Navitas Limited for Marketing Purposes

UICC is a subsidiary of Navitas Limited. You may receive email communications from Navitas Limited that inform you about programs, courses, and services provided by Navitas Limited and other subsidiaries of Navitas Limited. You may opt-out of receiving such email communications by following the instructions set out in such email or contacting the UICC contact identified in section 9 below. If you do not opt-out, we will use your contact information for this purpose.

Disclosure for Research Purposes

Information on admission, registration and academic achievement may also be disclosed and used for statistical and research purposes by UICC, Navitas Limited or other subsidiaries of Navitas Limited, other post-secondary educational institutions and the provincial government.

Disclosure Required by Law, Agreement or for Collections

UICC may also disclose personal information to a third party (a) if a law, regulation, search warrant, or an order for a competent authority legally requires or authorizes us to do so; (b) if necessary to enforce and protect the terms and conditions of our agreement(s) with you; and (c) if necessary to collect on outstanding accounts.

Disclosure in the Event of a Corporate Transaction

UICC also reserves the right to disclose and/or transfer personal information to a third party in the event of a proposed or actual purchase, sale, merger, amalgamation or any other type of acquisition,disposal or financing of all or any portion of UICC or of any of the business or assets or shares of UICC, provided that the third party commits to continue to use the information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and in accordance with applicable privacy protection laws.

4. Updating Your Personal Information

You may update or change the personal information in UICC’s records, anytime, by contacting the UICC contact identified in section 9 below.

5. Knowledge and Consent

UICC collects personal information about you only when you voluntarily provide it or it is collected by way of cookies (see section 1 above). Whenever possible, we will seek consent for the use or disclosure of your personal information at the time of collection. In certain circumstances, consent may be sought after the information has been collected but before use (for example, when we want to use information for a purpose not previously identified).

We will not, as a condition of the supply of a service, require you to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of information beyond that required to fulfill the explicitly specified and legitimate purposes for which the information is being provided.

You may withdraw consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice. If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, please contact the UICC contact identified in section 9 below. We will inform you of the implications of withdrawing consent.

6. Retention of Your Personal Information

We retain your personal information for the period that you remain a student at UICC, and following your completion of courses at UICC or the termination or suspension of your enrolment at UICC, for such further periods as required by applicable laws or limitation periods and as necessary to allow us to provide information to other educational institutions you may attend and to guard against fraud. In the event you decide to reapply to UICC, you may be prompted to confirm your personal information at that time if your personal information continues to be retained by UICC for the purposes described above.

7. How We Protect Your Personal Information

UICC makes commercially reasonable efforts to protect your personal information from loss, unauthorized access, misuse or theft. We use a secure server (SSL) and encrypt all transmissions of personal information by you. We limit access to your account information with login and password protection features. We encourage you to change your password regularly and to provide us with accurate information.

Only those UICC employees who have a legitimate business purpose for accessing the personal information collected by us are authorized to do so. Unauthorized access to or use of personal information by an employee is prohibited and constitutes grounds for disciplinary action.

8. Links to Third Party Sites

The UICC website may offer links to other third party websites. You should be aware that operators of linked websites may also collect your personal information (including information generated through the use of cookies) when you link to their websites. UICC is not responsible for how such third parties collect, use or disclose your personal information, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of these websites before providing your personal information on those sites.

9. Contacting Us

In the event that you have any questions about the UICC Privacy Policy or if you have reason to believe that we may have failed to adhere to this Privacy Policy or to the applicable legislation, you may contact us by sending an email to:

Last Modified: November 24, 2022

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