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International Year One (UTP Stage II)

International Year One (UTP Stage II): Business

Students in Business will complete their International Year One (UTP Stage II) studies at UICC and, upon successful completion of the program, will either be eligible to transfer or apply to transfer to complete their degree at the Dhillon School of Business.

The Dhillon School of Business is known for its immersive experiential learning opportunities, connecting learners with industry, its supportive, personalized approach and for exposing students to emerging technology. To ensure students thrive in an interconnected world of increasing change, the programs are created to help develop forward-leaning skills such as creative problem-solving, critical thinking and social intelligence.


  • Three terms


  • January, May, and September


  • Calgary campus

Please visit the Fees page for tuition costs and fees.

Your Direct Pathway to a Business Degree at the University of Lethbridge

Step 1

High school

Complete high school.

Step 2

UICC - International Year One (UTP Stage II)

Complete your ULethbridge International College Calgary program. All programs should have 10 courses selected by the University of Lethbridge to ensure a successful transition to Year 2 at the University of Lethbridge.

Step 3

2nd year at University of Lethbridge

Students will be guaranteed admission into the Bachelor of Management program in the University of Lethbridge with 30 credits (10 courses) toward their degree upon successful completion of the program transfer including:
  • CGPA of 2.50
  • Grade of C+ or better in all required pathway courses
  • All required courses based on their major and a minimum of 10 courses and 30 credits overall

The Dhillon School of Business offers a Bachelor of Management (B. Mgt.) degree through three different routes. With the Bachelor of Management degree, you also have the option to complete the Honours Thesis designation. Contact our student advising team for more information.

Students may select from the following majors upon successful completion of their transfer program, with the understanding that each major may have its own requirements for declaration at the University of Lethbridge.

UICC (ULethbridge International College Calgary) students may get more information and declare their major upon their successful transfer to University of Lethbridge.

Bachelor of Management Majors


As a student in accounting, you will gain technical skills and learn how to address a broad range of business problems. You will acquire and practice the skills needed for success, including writing, and presenting, using professional tools and case analyses. You will study financial reporting, individual and corporate taxation, business analytics and information systems, auditing, management control systems and costing, as well as variety of other management disciplines.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada 

  • Financial Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Financial Controller
  • Corporate Controller
  • Accounting Manager

Computer Science*

As a computer science major, you will get a broad technical knowledge that will allow you to tackle difficult problems using a variety of hardware, software, and programming languages, as well as learn to communicate your expertise to others. Among the areas you will study are programming, digital systems, database management systems, data structures and computer architecture. Please note that this major is only available at the Lethbridge campus.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada

  • Systems Administrator
  • Data Engineer
  • Process Engineers
  • IT Manager
  • Solutions Architect


Economics is the social science that provides understanding, meaning and relevance of human action under conditions of scarcity. In other words, the study of economics enables a more effective use of scarce resources such as people’s time and talents, land, buildings, equipment, tools on hand, and the knowledge of how to combine them to create products and services to satisfy human wants. Economics is a value-free science. It never tells people how to act, it merely shows how they need to act to attain specific results.

This major would be well suited to those who are interested in policy work, economic aspects of international trade, economic forecasting, and economic consulting. Please note that this major is only available at the Lethbridge campus.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada

  • Risk Analyst
  • Risk Management Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Financial Analyst


As a student in finance, you will study areas such as corporate and personal finance, investments, global finance, financial technology (fintech), financial institutions and markets, and derivatives. You will develop your skills using excel, statistical, trading and portfolio management software and draw from fields such as economics, accounting, and social responsibility as you prepare for career opportunities in the areas of banking, investments, international finance, trading, risk management and more.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada 

  • Administrative Manager
  • Business Advisor
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Finance Manager

General Management

Management is leading others to accomplish common goals in business. Today’s managers are people-oriented, creative, adaptable, and strong communicators. They must know how to deal effectively with rapidly changing environments, work successfully with small and large teams, live and work by principles of ethics and social responsibility and be aware of responsibilities to sustainability.

As a major in general management, you will study topics such as marketing, organizational behaviour, introductory accounting, managing responsibly in a global environment, human resources management, policy, strategy, probability, and statistics. You will take an array of liberal education courses.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager

Human Resource Management & Labour Relations

As a human resources management and labour relations (HRLR) professional, you will manage the greatest resource of organizations – its people! Competent, culturally sensitive, and highly organized, HRLR professionals add significant value and display competence in an array of specialized areas, including talent management, employment law, health and safety, performance management, training and development, diversity, and inclusion.

With a major in HRLR you will be a strategic leader in your organization. You will be critical for the successful management of complex and constantly evolving environments, and you will work with both employers and employees to create productive and fair workplaces.

In this major you will study a broad range of topics including human behaviour, organizational change management, career development, managing in unionized environments, leadership, workplace safety and managing in diverse workplaces.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Human Resources Advisor

Indigenous Governance and Business Management*

Indigenous governance and business management (IGBM) provides Indigenous and non-Indigenous graduates with skills to take on leadership and managerial roles in band administration, the not-for-profit sector, Indigenous liaison work, federal and international relations, oil and gas, agriculture, or your own entrepreneurial enterprises.

As an Indigenous or non-Indigenous IGBM student, you will gain significant insight into Indigenous historical, political, legal, and economic issues while acquiring strong business skills and managerial competency. You will study essential topics such as Indigenous peoples and law, historical and legal aspects of Indigenous governments, Indigenous business and entrepreneurship, Indigenous peoples and natural resources, Canadian Indigenous project management, Canadian Indigenous tax issues and Canadian Indigenous negotiations. You will also acquire skills in finance, accounting, human resources, and organizational behaviour. Please note that this major is only available at the Lethbridge campus.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada 

  • Relations Manager
  • Consulting Manager
  • Business Relations Consultant
  • Customer Relations Advisor
  • City Operations Manager

International Management*

International management is the practice of managing business, not-for-profit, governmental, or other entity’s operations across countries. International management professionals are familiar with the culture, business practices, economic and political environment of countries in which multinational firms and/or other organizations operate. They have the skills needed to formulate effective management strategies in today’s globally complex and competitive environment.

As an international management major, you will have courses on supply chain management, global finance, innovation in emerging markets and industrial location of multinational activities. As well, you will take courses on cross-cultural management, global leadership, crisis management, and regional aspect of international management and business. You will also draw from fields such as history, geography, political science, psychology, economics, and sociology. This will allow you to enhance the skills needed to meet the challenges of doing business in an organization that faces different international pressures or that operates globally. Please note that this major is only available at the Lethbridge campus.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada

  • Buyer
  • Business Specialist
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Supply Chain Manager


As a marketer, you will be the crucial link between an organization, their suppliers, and their end-users, building relationships that benefit all parties. You must have a strong understanding of the customer, whether an individual or an organization so they can effectively advise on all aspects of marketing. You must also be creative and show strong analytical abilities and have excellent communications skills (including listening).

You will learn to balance project experience with the latest theoretical concepts and have the option to study courses like consumer behaviour, advertising, and promotions, managing responsibly in a global environment, economics, sports marketing, communications and social media, cross-cultural marketing, and statistics. You will also draw from fields such as history, English, political science, economics, and sociology.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada

  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Specialist


Political Science*

Political science is the systematic study of government, politics, and political behaviour. It looks at how political conflict is organized and resolved, how rulers are chosen, how governmental decisions are taken and what policies and laws are determined and implemented. This can be done looking at Canada as a whole, to our provincial and local governments, to other countries and the relations among countries. It also considers how political actors understand their obligations towards one another and the degree to which decisions are ethically determined or out of convenience.

As a political science major, you will study the principles, organizations, and administration of government. The major includes both management and political science courses. The political science major offers flexibility to choose courses that fit your personal and career interests. In addition to the required courses, political science majors can choose six political science and three management electives. Please note that this major is only available at the Lethbridge campus.

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada

  • Policy analyst
  • Research analyst
  • Contract specialist
  • Research assistant
  • Contract administrator

*Lethbridge Campus Only

ULethbridge Dhillon School of Business

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